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Tote Pan Storage Racks

£400.67  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Pans individually located on shelves
6 shelves high, 3 or 4 pans per level, other configurations available
Horizontal Shelf – the industry standard
Tilted Shelf – to allow viewing of contents
Capacity: 150kg per level
Stacking galvanised tote pans not included, please order separately

Strong tote pan racking with tilted or horizontal shelves
Standard tote pan racking for the workplace and storeroom. Thus providing a convenient place to store multiple galvanised tote pans. Racks are available for storage of TP1, TP2 and TP3 size tote pans. All tote pans measure 150mm high and 305mm wide. With TP1 pans being 305mm deep, TP2 455mm and TP3 610mm deep. The tote pans aren’t included with the storage racks but you have the option to purchase those separately.

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