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Document Shields Magnetic A4 & A3

£27.72  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Supplied in packs of 5
Fixes to any magnetic surface
choice of colour to assist with coding, colours include, blue, red, green or yellow
Documents can be inserted and removed without the need to remove the document shield
Ideal for around the office, warehouses, shops and factories

Document Shields Magnetic A4 & A3

As everyone knows, bits of paper attached to walls will, over a relatively small amount of time, start to curl up, get tattered or attract spills. To prevent this sad fate for your important information, magnetic document shields will hold the paper to a metal surface and the plastic cover will keep in flat, legible and stain free.

The paper inside can be swapped out without removing the shield from the wall and different colours can be used for different business areas or types of message.

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