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Lockable Noticeboards

£155.23  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

Fire resistant noticeboards manufactured from flame retardant materials
Prevent casual interference to displayed information
Ideal for public buildings and industrial applications
All models have two locks with matching keys


Noticeboards are a great way to communicate and advertise messages you are trying to put across to people that access your workplace. However, there’s always a risk of someone taking advantage and posting something you wouldn’t want placed there. That isn’t an issue with the Resist-a-flame® Lockable Noticeboards as they are lockable displays giving you complete control over the content placed on the board.

They are ideal for industrial applications and public buildings, and all models are provided with two locks with matching keys. A great feature of these boards is that they are manufactured from flame retardant materials, making them flame resistant and preventing the noticeboard and contents from being damaged. So for a great way to display all of your important information choose the Resist-a-flame® Lockable Noticeboards. Resist-a-flame noticeboards without locks are also available.

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