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Food Grade Ingredients Dispensers With Lids

£105.26  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
Medium-density food-grade polyethylene
Fitted with transparent shatter proof lid
2 sizes and 5 color options
Ideal for use in food environments such as bakeries
Urgent requirement? Natural color option available 1-3 working days

Ingredients dispensers manufactured in medium density, 100% food grade polyethylene
Food-grade ingredients dispensers are dispensers that have been made in medium density, 100% food-grade polyethylene and come complete with lids to ensure hygiene and security of contents.

These food-grade ingredients dispensers can be purchased already fitted with a transparent lid that has been constructed to be immune to shattering, and are perfect to use in environments that regularly need to store foodstuffs, such as bakeries and professional kitchens. These ingredients dispensers are available in two different sizes and feature up to as many as seven different colour options.

The options available are:

The R10001, which has a capacity of 40 litres has external dimensions of 580mm in height, 560mm in length and 245mm in width. They are available in a range of colours including blue, yellow, red, green and natural.
The R10002, which has a capacity of 68 litres has external dimensions of 755mm in height 620mm in length and 290mm in width. These are also available in blue, yellow, red, green and natural.
These food-grade ingredients dispensers with lids are perfect for use in environments in which food is a regular presence, with bakeries or professional kitchens being just a couple of examples. They are safe, efficient and economical and the different colour options also make them aesthetically suited to a wide variety of environments and uses.

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