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Blue And White Sticky Tack

£1.55  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features

Made from non-toxic rubber based polymer
Reusable removable sticky tack
Ideal for fixing posters, messages or electric cables
Available in blue or white
Pack sizes of 70g and 140g


70g & 140g packs of blue or white Premier-Grip sticky tack

We all know that sticky tack is brilliant for fixing temporary notices and posters to walls or glass, easy to use and remove it does the job. But did you know it can also be used to clean your keyboard (grime simply sticks to it), it is also useful to secure small ornaments to shelves so they do not accidentally get knocked off and it can be really helpful if you need to measure a long distance on your own, simply stick a piece of sticky tack to the end of the tape and it will hold it in place allowing you to measure easily.

The exact ingredients of sticky tack are a mystery, it is a very closely guarded trade secret, however, we can tell you that one of the main components is a very sticky synthetic polymer, that is, in fact, so sticky that you would never get it off your fingers let alone off the wall. Certain minerals and oils are added to the polymer which reduce the stickyness and also solidifies it, as without these additives the polymer would very slowly drip down your wall (Nasty!)

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