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615mm Wide Slimline Cupboards

£288.50  (INCL. VAT)

Key Features
All cupboard dimensions: 1820H x 615W x 505D mm
Strong welded steel construction & a 3 point espagnolette locking system
Semi-concealed hinges
Door stiffeners for added strength & security
Base plinth for extra rigidity
Adjustable shelves capable of carrying a maximum of 78kg UDL
Filing cradles available to take lateral files or computer printouts
All models have chip resistant epoxy coated light grey bodies
Compact double door cupboards
Wider large volume cupboards are also available
Delivery of bulky or heavy items is usually by lone driver and may require special delivery arrangements, possibly mechanical. Please call for advice.

Compact, slimline cupboards for industrial storage – All cupboards are 1820H x 615W x 505D mm.

Where space is tight, a clever solution is at hand with Slimline Cupboards. These cupboards utilise minimal space efficiently without compromising on storage space potential.

There are four models available in the Slimline range to suite individual requirements:

The basic Slimline is supplied empty.
The standard model comes with three shelves.
The wardrobe model comes with a shelf and hanging rail.
The personal cupboard comprises four shelves on the left-hand side and a hanging rail on the right, with a full-width shelf across the top.
All of the Slimline Cupboards have double doors allowing easy and full access to contents. The doors have been reinforced for extra strength.

For long-lasting durability, cupboards have chip-resistant, epoxy coated bodies. For the most reliable security, the cupboards have a three-point espagnolette locking system.

Half and full-shelving is adjustable for the customisation of space use.

For optimal organisation of paperwork, there is the option of fitted filing cradles, and Slimline Cupboards are fixed on a base plinth for extra stability and sturdiness.

Door colours come in a choice of six colours, enabling co-ordination with the rest of the work environment in order to give a professional appearance

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