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1 Row Low Hanging Storage Trolley for 2000 or 2600 Series Chairs

£174.06  (INCL. VAT)

PXH40002 takes up to 68x 2000 series chairs or up to 36x 2600 series chairs
PXH40031A takes up to 102x 2000 series chairs or up to 54x 2600 series chairs
Chair trolleys help to eliminate storage problems
Chair carrying trucks make transporting large quantities of chairs easy
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A stylish lightweight polypropylene folding chair – the ultimate design in low cost seating.

The Series 2000 folding chair (Pk 8) is an attractive product, suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. With four colours to choose from, they can be purchased to match any colour scheme. An attractive cutaway design on the back of the chair helps make it stand out from many similar products. Available for purchase in a convenient package of eight, these chairs are ideal for companies that frequently host events, but which require seating that can be folded away when not required.

Each of the chairs has a contoured back for increased comfort. This design also provides the support that people require when they are seated for any length of time. The rear cross-brace is riveted for durability. Another advantage of the chair’s design is that they are less likely to sink into uneven or wet ground. A seat height of 450mm provides plenty of legroom for most people. Dimensions of 877mm high x 451mm wide x 518mm deep ensure that the chairs are just the right size and can be stored easily when not in use.

These chairs will make any event more enjoyable, thanks to their comfort and convenience. They are the perfect choice for any company or organisation that requires temporary seating.

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